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D e p t h  &  D i r e c t i o n

Premium solutions for Audio and Visual projects don’t come in one size only. We take the time to understand our clients’ identity, objectives and challenges to scale our solutions, allow experimentation and collaborative storytelling innovation.
Our journey is about pushing emerging technologies to find new narratives, test models of interaction and adapt methods to deliver compelling stories through sounds and visual arts.

Casting & Talent Services
Specialized Script Adaptation
On Location Capture
Original Music
Sound Design for Visual Content, Branded Themes & Sound for Toys
Mixing in Stereo | 5.1 | Ambisonic
Wwise Unity Integration

VR Storytelling in 360-3D
AR & App Development
Combined Technologies
3D Modelling | 3D Animation | VFX
Partnerships, Co-productions & Grant Applications

Meet our Team
Jose | Managing Director
Luisa | VR Director
Christopher | Audio Creative Director
Nicolás | Composer
Etienne | Interactive Director
Humberto | Technical Director
Ivo | Senior Sound Designer
Joe | Senior Sound Designer
Juan | Director Of Photography
Ana | Marketing & Client Liaison
Michel | Senior Sound Designer

Look out beyond what we know and say, “Could we go there?

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