Behind the scene of We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR

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Behind the scenes of We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR

Compulsion Games and Signal Space Lab collaborate on a special Virtual Reality piece for upcoming release of We Happy Few.

In anticipation of the launch of We Happy Few on August 10, Montreal developer Compulsion Games, Gearbox Publishing, and XR studio Signal Space Lab produced an exclusive PlayStation®VR interactive experience.

Available now for free on the PlayStation™Store, We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR transports fans into the twisted world of Wellington Wells. Choosing between two distinct modes, players can either play producer, building a live broadcast with Uncle Jack himself, Wellington Wells’ most prominent celebrity; or browse the vast media archives, home to over 40 classic Uncle Jack episodes, the “Make Believes” lyric videos, in-game soundtrack selections, trailers, and other exclusive bonus materials.

Blending CGI and live-action, the dynamic content of the broadcast experience was brought to life through Signal Space Lab’s “Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR” (SIC VR) technique. This technique, specially designed to create intuitive triggers and multiple outcomes without the support of UI elements, allows viewers to experience wholly unique playthroughs without requiring overt story-branching actions.

Signal Space Lab overcame the limitation of live-action footage in a CGI environment through a careful balance of virtual camera animation and stereoscopic footage to create the illusion of a unified virtual world.

We Happy Few is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One.


Julian Casey as “Uncle Jack”
Game Developer: Compulsion Games
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
VR Producer: Signal Space Lab

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