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Signal Space Lab is an interactive creation studio specializing in immersive XR entertainment, video games, and audio production. Our goal is to advance in the art of interactive media by imaging and producing original, innovative, and memorable experiences that materialized into sounds, visuals, and gaming environments.

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Location: Montreal, QC – Open to remote work in most US/Canada locations

Signal Space Lab is an interactive creation studio specializing in immersive XR entertainment, video games, and audio production. Our goal is to advance the art of interactive media by imagining and producing original, innovative, and memorable experiences that materialize into sounds, visuals, and gaming environments.


The Community Manager’s main mandate is to be SSL’s online voice on several social platforms and to act as a bridge between the community and the developers. Focus will be on a handful of products that are in various stages of development including the award-winning turn-based tactics game, Every Day We Fight. You will represent the game(s) team to the community including game updates, troubleshooting issues, marketing promotions, and communicating with gamers directly on multiple social media platforms, including Discord. And you will report to our VP of Marketing.

• Manage and post on SSL social media channels including: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, Reddit, and Steam.

• Oversee community moderation (Discord, Reddit, Steam).

• Work closely with the development teams to create and prepare content for social media.

• Partner with the development team on Discord to gather feedback and provide insight into upcoming content.

• Be the internal community advocate and provide relevant feedback that represents the players.

• Take part in weekly meetings to highlight any player feedback or trends to appropriate team members.

• Work with a global team creating localized content for a worldwide audience of gamers.

• Edit, capture, or otherwise help the development teams get their messages out to players through dev blogs, short-form video content, direct engagement with players on social, or by live streams.

• Send weekly sentiment updates to the respective development teams.

• Coordinate with the leadership team to ensure positive player experiences and work on any communication plans with them when needed.

• Help create compelling marketing communications to acquire and engage our players.


• Written and verbal communication skills (email, Slack, video calls, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit). The CM will communicate with many several team members and the end gamers.

• Copywriting skills (the CM will write program guides and blog entries for players).

• Content creation skills such as photo and video editing.

• Experience within game development environments.

• Understanding of streaming, experience as a streamer.

• Proficiency in English. Ability to speak and write in more than one language.


• 1-year experience working on a A-AA indie video game title or equivalent education in game development.

• Preference is given to individuals providing live support to a video game product on 2 of the following digital platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord). This community manager will manage EDWF’s social media presence.

• Experience working with external consumers and internal development teams on at least 2 projects. Since you will directly support end customers and our teams, this experience is important.

• Experience creating assets for a community (i.e.. streaming, video, gifs, or photoshopped images) is essential for this role.

• Preference is given to anyone with an affinity for PC and indie games.


• Work-life balance! Normal hours: 9:00 am—5:00 pm, with some flexibility.

• Remote and onsite work accommodations.

• No crunch time.

• 3 weeks paid vacation (1 week around the Winter Holidays).

• Personal days as needed by the team members.

• Group insurance plan (Life, Dental, Vision).

• Being part of a multicultural team from 3 time zones (and counting).

• Our team is proud to accommodate creative decisions from each and every team member, you will have influence on how the game you work on looks like.


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