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Seamless Interactivity

Seamless Live-Action
Seamless Live-Action: Give users a unique cinematic VR experience by designing different paths within the story. With Seamless Live-Action, users can activate additional layers depending on what catches their visual attention.
Seamless Triggers: Integrate dynamic focal points. Seamless Triggers allows VR creators to guide users’ attention to where the action happens and matters by designing cinematic experiences with more control over users’ path through narrative.
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Unlike 360 only video, Stereoscopic 360 also includes a degree of depth in 3D not always offered by VR suppliers, we are proud to offer end to end state of the art video production and post production.
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Stereoscopic (3D) Video

Stereoscopic 360 also includes a degree of depth in 3D

Spatial Audio

Audio as a tool in VR 360 (3D)
Audio as a tool in VR 360 (3D) allows to add realism, color and intentional focal points to all immersion layers. Depending on where you look, the audio mix changes accordingly.
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Seamless Interaction Live-Action VR


Event Capturing and Production


Scripted Content

Virtual Tour 360 & 360-3D

Virtual tours are a new and exciting way to showcase, spaces, being it rooms, houses, or open air landmarks, with 360 and 3D 360 photos and swappable “hotspots” virtual tours are the next best thing to being there.
Below we showcase a 360 and a 360-3D example of this technique.


Photogrammetry uses high dynamic range photos on real spaces and objects and generates point clouds that eventually become photorealistic 3D objects. This example showcases this technique on an office room.

Augmented Reality

Connect the digital and physical world with AR concepts.

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Spatial Audio
Stereoscopic Video
Software Development

Take advantage of our technical research and development on individual aspects of Virtual Reality to merge them onto scalable and custom solutions.

We work with top-line tools and develop in-house techniques allowing us to offer turn key solutions that successfully fulfill challenges in the execution of immersed narratives in VR.

  • Note: In order to open and try the demos below you will need a system with HTC Vive installed.


The Lego House

The following demo uses a photogrammetric (photorealistic) model of an office space, merges a stereoscopic video of street traffic, and an interactive 3D model of a lego House, the demo is meant to be built on a real physical space and allows the user to walk inside both the real (office) and virtual (lego) spaces.

Live/Interactive Art

The following demo, uses the same photogrammetric space and stereoscopic video as the previous example, and merges it with an interactive 3D art piece created by an artist using VR modelling software (tilt Brush), the art piece comes to live step by step as you trigger the button included in the model.

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