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Montréal, QC., 03.23.2023: – Signal Space Lab and its new strategy game, Every Day We Fight, are headed to PAX East 2023 in Boston, March 23rd-26th. This marks the first public hands-on experience and the Signal Space team is excited to show off the latest build.

Jose Aguirre, Managing Director and Founder at Signal Space commented: “The team and I are looking forward to the chance to be live and in person once again and to offer a first look into the development of our newest video game.”

Set in a post-apocalyptic warzone, Every Day We Fight is a rogue-lite, turned-based tactical shooter that follows ordinary people, turned freedom-fighters, The Thorns, forced to defend their world against a superior alien species. Trapped in a time-loop, explore the city to enhance the squad and uncover who they were before the invasion began. 

Game Director, Jean-Philippe Delude, shared, “We’re excited to bring EDWF to PAX East to give gamers a first chance to experience it’s unique blend of deep tactical strategy and action. We’ve put together something truly unique and compelling and we can’t wait to get feedback from the fans to guide our development goals as we approach release.”

Creative Director, Avi Winkler added, “EDWF’s design rests on three key pillars: Deep tactical decision making, constant player agency, and third-person action. All of which are supported by a roguelite system that makes every playthrough unique.”

Does this sound good and do you want to learn more? Visit booth #12054 in Hall A at PAX East and sign up to playtest the game. Player feedback is invaluable to making EDWF the best possible experience.



About Signal Space Lab Inc.

Signal Space Lab is an interactive creation studio specializing in immersive XR entertainment, video games, and audio production. Our goal is to advance in the art of interactive media by imaging and producing original, innovative, and memorable experiences that materialized into sounds, visuals, and gaming environments. Founded in 2014 in Montréal, Signal Space Lab started as a high-end audio facility for broadcasters, creative agencies, digital creators, and video game studios. Since 2016, the lab incorporated a new unit specialized in the development and execution of gaming and experiential concepts in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mix Reality. Let’s connect to start building the creations of tomorrow.

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