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Mel’s Wake is a captivating, character-driven VR experience of self-discovery that will take the viewer on a journey embodying Mel’s spirit, a recently deceased event planner.

As the main protagonist, you explore Mel’s former existence by secretly observing the people from her life, eavesdropping on their conversations about her. Slowly you discover that you have the ability to hear their internal monologues as well, each revealing even more profound truths. Witnessing their personal thoughts helps you to come to a greater understanding of Mel life’s true impact. This self-knowledge will then allow you and Mel to transcend the physical plane, and ultimately move on.

Cast & Crew

Alison Darcy “MEL”
Amanda Silveira “KATHERINE”
Anana Rydvald “JANICE”
Jade Hassouné “THOM”
Julian Casey “FREDERICK”
Tristan D. Lalla “HAPPY”


Director of photography JUAN PALACIO | edited by NICHOLAS AUDET | acting director ALISON DARCY | sound designer CHRISTOPHER FOX | production designer MISHELLE LAM | costume designer CAROL RIBEIRO | technical director HUMBERTO RODRIGUEZ | lead technical artist and integrator ETIENNE ARCHAMBAULT | lead designer and development production coordinator GEORGE HARMON | programmer DMITRI KAZANECKI | executive producer JOSE AGUIRRE |
written by DOUG TAYLOR | directed by LUISA VALENCIA.


Category: Cinematic virtual reality short-film

Genre: Drama

Age: 13+

Single player

Multi-branched storytelling and intuitive control though Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR techniques. It is specifically designed to improve the quality of the user’s experience by giving them agency.

  • Interactive Live-action: Discover each characters’ subconscious truth and explore the mark that Mel’s left behind.
  • Video Game Scripting
  • Continuity Maps

No controls required. User’s trigger interactivity with gaze once they focus their attention on a character.

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