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Developed through a international New Media co-development incentive between ProImágenes Colombia and CMF Canada, Explora Films and Signal Space Lab co-produced this Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR experience. 

Shot in Cinematic VR format, “Kidnapped” is an interactive 360 / 3D immersive experience that will transport the viewer to the haunting world of kidnapping, turning him/her into a kidnapping victim for 10 minutes. This short film tells the story of a person who, after being kidnapped by an insurgent group, is held captive in the jungles of Colombia and chained from his neck to a tree for over 11 years.

Visual & Audio Lab

With Kidnapped, our Visual and Audio Lab reached the following R&D and production goals:

Seamless Live-Action | We develop branches in the story to give users a more unique experience. By looking at certain points, the user activates an additional layer to unfold a different path, in this particular case, with the same resolution.

Seamless Triggers | By using reactive focal points, we guide users’ attention to where the action happens.

Ambisonic Sound recording and integration

Virtual Reality

Immerse Now

Cinematic VR 360 / 3D




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