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Explore new narratives

Explore the full potential of our evolving visual ecosystems while our team adapts and develops narratives and in-house techniques to create original concepts tailored to each project objectives.

We develop extended reality (XR) projects in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Either corporate, artistic, realistic or magical, we find the intersection between people, brands, and technology to bring concepts to life.

The Visual Lab works simultaneously on four pillars to create top line immersions for real and imagined worlds:


  • Audio & Visual quality in 360 and 3D
  • Human-centered immersions
  • Storytelling Innovation
  • Intuitive Interactions

Content success is the outcome of tech advancement applied creatively. We tailor experiences for diverse industries and purposes, that cover commercial, corporate and data-driven performance training immersions.

Interactive and immersive add-ons for production companies, creative agencies, and trade shows. We provide specialized services for VR|AR projects, including consultancy from our dedicated creative and tech teams for co-productions opportunities, project beta testings, grant applications, and equipment rentals.

Extended Reality XR


360-3D Documentary & Scripted Experiences
Hybrid VR: CGI & Cinematic content production
Spatial Audio


Seamless Interactive Cinematic VR (SIC VR)
3D Modelling
3D Animation


Content design
App development


Location-Based VR
Seamless Interactivity

A p p l i c a t i o n s

There are not unique formulas here. Effective and impactful content requires custom solutions.

Your industry, business, identity, and goals are the start point to craft groundbreaking concepts in XR: VR, AR and Mix Reality.

Art Conferences Business Commercial Education Entertainment Fashion Healthcare Media Trainings
Installations Trade Shows Ad Campaigns Workshops Performance Exhibitions Simulations Storytelling
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